Purify an apartment with these houseplants


The quality of air in your home is extremely important for the health of you and those around you. Significantly improve the air quality in an apartment with a few purifying plants that aid in removing household pollutants. Peace Lily -- One of only a few flowering clean air plants, the Peace Lily helps remove formaldehyde, benzene and … [Read more...]

Memphis Tradition: 2015 World Championship BBQ Contest

BBQ Contest

Spring has descended here in Tennessee. Along with the warmer temperatures, we are heavily anticipating BBQ season here at Arbors Harbor Town. Topping our list of can't-miss spring events in Memphis is the 2015 World Championship BBQ Contest. The World Championship BBQ Contest descends on Tom Lee Park from May 14th through May 16th. The best BBQ … [Read more...]

How to get a car looking fresh for spring at our Car Wash

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Cars are a convenience that many residents at our community rely on. Not only do they offer a mode of transport for fun days out with the family; they also enable you to get daily duties like shopping and commuting completed with ease. Although a prized possessions, cars can get dirty easily. This is why we advise you to use the on-site car wash at … [Read more...]

Declutter Your Apartment With These Storage Ideas

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The time for spring cleaning is here. It's the perfect opportunity to declutter your life and find a place for anything that doesn't have a home yet. If you're ready to get your apartment under control, then try these excellent storage ideas when you're spring cleaning. Get more storage than a dresser. Replace your dresser with taller and wider … [Read more...]

Commit to Working Out This Spring with These Tips

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Where do people find the motivation to workout on a regular basis? Are you capable of becoming one of those people? Absolutely. Here are some tips that will help you to commit to working out this spring: Keep it simple. There's no need to learn fancy new moves or take up the latest fad. Most of the time the simple, straightforward classics will get … [Read more...]