Interesting and Fun Facts about the City of Memphis

Memphis TN

Living in Memphis, TN is an amazing experience. The city is thriving, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore arts, culture and food. Memphis is also a place with deep roots and a fascinating history. How much do you know about the city? Here are five fun facts about Memphis that will give you more insight into the place you … [Read more...]

Unique Apartment Decorating Ideas for a Boring Kitchen


Kitchens don't tend to be a place people target for their decorating efforts. However, it is a room you spend a lot of time in. If your kitchen feels a bit dull, there are some simple apartment decorating ideas that can give it a boost, and add a quick bit of decorative flair. Make a kitchen garden - Even if you don't have a ton of light, there … [Read more...]

Celebrate Juneteenth at Memphis’ Urban Music Festival


Do you know what Juneteenth represents? Yes, it's a day with celebrations around the nation, but it is also an important day in history. In 1900, June 19th was the day that the last of the slaves were freed, two and a half years after the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation. Music was a big part of that time, and it still is today. One … [Read more...]

How to Stay Safe while Exercising Outdoors this Summer

outdoor exercise

It's no secret that it can get hot in the summer. It's a time of soaring temperatures and stifling heat. And one thing that could suffer from these conditions is an outdoor exercise routine. If you're someone who prefers to do your workouts outdoors, there are some tips to keep in mind to stay safe this summer: Hydrate, hydrate, and then … [Read more...]

Visit these popular parks in Memphis TN


Did you know that as many as two-thirds of residents living in America's biggest cities don't have easy access to open spaces? When living at our community, you can explore surrounding parks in Memphis, TN with ease. Whether you are searching for a place to exercise with Fido or a shaded spot to indulge in a picnic with family, we recommend spending a … [Read more...]