How to Get the Most Out of Natural Light in Your Apartment


Introduce sheer curtains into the space. Source: Pinterest

The benefits of natural light extend far beyond improved immunity and better moods. When you start maximizing natural light, you can save money on energy, eliminate the need for electricity and illuminate the architecture in your apartment! Enhance your rental space by making the following minor style adjustments:

  • Clean the windows – When your windows are permanently spotless, sunlight will flood into your apartment. Window transparency will improve by 10-20 percent when you clean the glass with a mixture of vinegar and liquid soap.
  • Use sheer curtains – These curtains can be purchased in a variety of colors and they will add style to your apartment. Sheer curtains are made with lightweight fabric, therefore sun can shine through them even when they are drawn.
  • Decorate with mirrors – Group small mirrors together on a wall, attach them to cabinets or create a layered mirror display to reflect natural light around the room.
  • Install blinds – Control light, enhance the apartment appearance and get added privacy by installing blinds.
  • Remove window obstacles – Is the patio furniture blocking light? Maybe the tree branches need trimming? Get rid of obstructions to start maximizing natural light.

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